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OEM/ODM design

Banana Pi BPI-6202 OpenSource Embedded single board industrial computer

Allwinner A40i Industrial-grade chip design
2GB DDR3,8GB EMMC ;support SSD hardisk
4G/5G/WIFI function
Linux Ubuntu/Mate,support Docker
Full-featured SCADA system, processing points: 2048 points, C/S or B/S mode 
Supports the integration of HMI and upper computer functions
Support Siemens /AB/ Schneider/Mitsubishi PLC connection
Built-in lightning protection element, support outdoor use, in line with high level EMC standards
Video streaming acquisition, transmission, distribution, cloud head control, local streaming media server functions
    BPI-6202 embedded single-board industrial computer, equipped with 2 independent MAC Ethernet ports (1G+100M), 2 RS485+1 RS232 ports, HDMI/USB, can be installed with large-capacity SDD hard disk, powerful and low price , Small size, easy guide rail installation, providing the most cost-effective on-site industrial control solution. As the master control node of edge computing, CS6202 makes full use of the powerful functions of embedded multi-core computing, which can access, process and display a large amount of on-site data; replace the conventional gateway + small monitoring system to achieve the optimal solution.

    Product spec:
    CPU and OS Allwinner A40I ARM Cortex-A7 quad cord 1.2GHz,Ubuntu/Mate
    Memory 2GB DDR3,8GB EMMC ;support SSD hardisk
    Storage 8GB EMMC ;support SSD Hardisk
    communication function Ethernet port: 1 x 1000M + 1 x 100M, independent MAC, 2 x RS485 with isolation + 1 x RS232 Consoel with isolation, 4G/5G full Netcom + WiFi
    Extended function module Horizontal expansion capability is reserved, and the expansion of various functional modules can be customized. The initial stage includes: RS485: with isolation; DI: passive input type, the module provides 24V isolated power supply; DO: relay output type, NC, COM, NO nodes; AI: 0-5V/4-20mA, 2-wire/3-wire input, the board provides 24V isolated power supply; AO: 0-5V/4-20mA, 2-wire/3-wire output, external 24V isolated power supply; AI + AO: 0-5V/4-20mA, 2-wire/3-wire input/output. The power supply is the same as above; other custom modules
    HDMI HDMI1.4, support 1080p@60fps ; USB supports keyboard, mouse; or resistive/capacitive display interface
    Data processing capability Equipment access capability: <=128 units (adjustable according to bandwidth and sampling period); analog value<10000; digital value<10000; control value<10000; expression calculation definition, alarm processing
    video processing capability Video RTSP/RTMP, Onvif, GB28181; video recording and playback; data trigger clip video recording and uploading; video AI event return and linkage, data OSD coding; local streaming service; H.264/H.265 playback
    SCADA function Full-featured SCADA system, processing points: 2048 points, C/S or B/S mode
    development environment Edge computing secondary development environment such as C/expression/ladder diagram/Java/Python
    encryption chip Software license authorization encryption chip (SMEC98SP); special encryption chip for State Grid communication (SC1161Y)
    Power  DC:24V
    PCBA Interface:

    Product Interface:

    No interface illustrate
    1 HDMI 1.4 HDMI video cable to connect the video output port and the monitor. Note: The HDMI video cable is not included in the installation accessory package and needs to be purchased by the user. Please choose a shielded cable with a length less than 3M
    2 USB 2.0 Use the USB interface to connect the keyboard/mouse/touch screen, and connect the U disk. Note: The USB interface does not support hot swapping of storage devices.
    3 Ethernet port Use a network cable to connect the Ethernet port of the device to the switch, supporting 1 x 1000M + 1 x 100M
    4 RS232/RS485 Phoenix terminal, RS232 x 1+ RS485 x 2, connect the cable terminal to the Phoenix terminal interface of CS6202, and make sure that the peer device and BPI-6202 are connected to the ground wire.
    5 DC power Phoenix terminal, using 24V DC power supply
    6 WiFi Antenna Mount SMA-K (external thread + internal hole), if you need to use the antenna to connect to the network, connect the antenna device to the BPI-6202 through the antenna interface. Standard 1 antenna, Wifi antenna, 4G+WiFi;
    7 4G/5G Antenna Mount A standard 4G antenna is provided. If you need to expand 5G, you need to use a customized chassis and configure 4 additional antennas
    8 3 indicator lights From top to bottom, they are: system running light, which flashes regularly during normal operation; reserved light (programmable and controllable); 4G/5G running light, showing cellular communication status
    BPI-6202 also support expansion board ,The expansion port adopts 2.54mm pitch, 2x10P row pin seat, which is used to expand 10 interfaces.

    The BPI-6202 supports modular design, provides rich expansion interfaces, and can use the basic unit + 5 expansion units to support on-demand configuration. Extended IO unit modules include:

    • 7 x RS485 module with isolation
    • 16 x DI module (switch input module), passive input (up to 5 modules can be mixed)
    • 16 x DO module (switch output module), relay output (up to 5 modules can be mixed)
    • 8 x DI+8 x DO O module (switch input/output module), relay output (up to 5 modules can be mixed)
    • 8 x AI + 4 x AO module (analog input/output module), support 0-5V, 0-20mA input
    • Customized Lora, ZigBee, 433M wireless transmission modules, power line carrier modules, and other functional modules,
    • The function board can be customized by third parties and can communicate with BPI-6202

    All boards are connected via internal bus(485 or SPI) in the box

    Online wiki documents : BPI-6202 Embedded single board industrial computer

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